Host and Score Keeper

David Rollison (Show Host/Writer)

David Rollison

David Rollison is really happy you came down to Belltown to watch a bunch of people be goofy for an hour. David is a local actor, improvisor and sometimes comedian. You may have seen him over the years on stage with Jet City Improv, GreenStage, ExiTheater, RK Productions and Theater Simple just to name a few.

Ian Schuelke (Scorekeeper)


Ian Schuelke is a local comedian, writer, performer, singer, bon vivant and raconteur. He has sung lies about Liza Minelli, written sketches about homophobic aliens and talk shows facing armageddon, given a Powerpoint presentation on clothing moths, and been a bit too forthright about his sex life. He can be seen semi regularly in “Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show” at the Rendezvous in Belltown, and appears sporadically in shows like “Weird and Awesome with Emmett Mongtomery”, “The Gay Uncle Time”, and “The Ballard Boyz Present: Variety Hour!” Ian is currently single, always gay, and likes beaches, sunsets, and portly men with low standards.

Team Captains

Phill Arensberg

Phill Arensberg

Phill Arensberg has been acting professionally since the age of 12. A graduate of the conservatory program at Second City, Phill has been making people in Seattle laugh since 2001. Phill primarily improvises, appearing in unscripted plays like The Lost Folio, Clues and Men of Action. He is also an ensemble member of Jet City Improv. Other credits include Much Ado About Nothing, Ace Laser: Space Guy, and The Armageddon Radio Hour. Phill is thrilled to be working with Theater Schmeater.

Ray Williams

Ray Williams

Ray Williams has been a Seattle native since 1998. He has lived in Reno, Nevada, and is originally from Waterford, Michigan. He is the producer and curator of 7 Minutes in Heaven- an improvised speed-dating show, that runs about once a month at The Pocket Theater.


Sarah Skilling

Sarah Skilling

A Kirkland, WA native, Sarah Skilling started her journey into comedy in Southern California 8 years ago. After performing in several sketch shows, she took to the stage by herself and hasn’t stopped yet. She has competed in California’s Funniest Female and the Seattle International Comedy Competition. She and her friends produced a successful monthly comedy showcase called “Wine Shots: Comedy’s Happiest Hour”, which was accepted into Bumbershoot in 2014. She works at a law firm and lives with her cat.

David Schmader

David Schmader is an essayist and performance artist who’s been living and working in Seattle since 1991. His work includes the solo plays Letter to Axl, Straight, and A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem; the newspaper column “Last Days: The Week in Review” which ran in The Stranger from 1998-2015; the book Weed: The User’s Guide, published by Sasquatch Books in 2016; and his intimate relationship with Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls, hosting annotated screenings of the film around the country and providing the commentary track for the Showgirls DVD.

Kesan Nathaniel

Kesan is an actor, comedian, producer, and teacher from Milwaukee,WI. For over 12 years he has performed with ComedySportz & CSz Worldwide. Currently residing in Seattle, Kesan is a founding member of CSz Seattle, the improv/sketch group Worst Case Scenario, Stock Image, and creator of Cypher Saturday and the hit improvised show Cast Of One.

Alyssa Yeoman

Alyssa is an Alaskan turned Seattle-based comedian. Alyssa is the creator of the local sci-fi comedy talk show Alyssa Explains It All and co-producer of Seattle’s only no-prepared material mic Naked Brunch. Alyssa has performed on Portland’s Minority Retort, Midnight Mass, and Seattle’s HIGHlarious Comedy Festival. Alyssa also participated in the 37th Seattle International Comedy Competition. Alyssa has been featured in the Capitol Hill Blog and City Arts Magazine.​

Evelyn Jensen

Evelyn Jensen

Shaped by her experiences as a child model for no less than 3 Target advertisements, Evelyn has never let humility stand in her way of the spotlight. Evelyn has been performing comedy in Seattle for the past three years, primarily harvesting laughs through stand-up.
She is the producer of Live Laugh Love: Seattle’s Date Night Comedy show, a co-producer of the Couth Buzzard Comedy Show, and is a regular performer in the interdimensional sketch talk-show Alyssa Explains It All. Evelyn has performed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition and at Bumbershoot Arts & Music Festival. When asked to describe herself, most people regret inquiring, as she speaks exhaustively at unreasonable volumes.

Bettina McKelvey

Bettina McKelvey is a Seattle-based comedian, lowbrow film savant, and hard-boiled librarian who routinely disarms patrons by removing her glasses and dramatically shaking her hair loose from a matronly up-do. Drawing on her past experience as a teenage thespian and frustrated middle child, her eclectic comedy style ranges from character studies to naïve erotic monologues she wrote as an adolescent virgin. She has performed at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival and the Macefield Music Festival, and has opened for local heroes Hari Kondabolu and Lindy West. She is a co-producer of a monthly showcase in Seattle, Wine Shots: Comedy’s Happiest Hour.

Mike Masilotti

Mike Masilotti is a typical pisces from upstate NY who enjoys eating Honey Nut Bunches of Oats cereal with almond milk as much as the next guy. He started 100 SETS productions in 2016 which puts out locally sourced comedy and art videos, web series’s and podcasts. He is the creator/director/editor/producer of the series “Oh Man, They HATED Me”, the “Cup Of Jobie” podcast and the “Digital Robbie” web series to name a few. When Mike isn’t working on his multiple projects he enjoys being a single dog dad living a basic life in an anything but basic city. You can follow him and his comedic journey on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook etc. @unfunnymike

Greg Stackhouse

Greg Stackhouse is delighted to join Questionable Content for the first time. He has been a regular with Unexpected Productions since he was 25 years old, so he’ll let you figure out how long that is. Come to him with your guesses after the show. Besides Unexpected Productions, Greg has been in a number of shows for SET, including The Doctor, and Most recently Time’s Arrow. He’s glad you are here, and read this bio to the end.

Tyler Schnupp

Tyler Schnupp is a Seattle based stand-up comedian. He has performed at Bumbershoot, Seattle sketchfest, Macefielf music festival, and most recently spent a month long residency performing in Melbourne, Australia.

Marita DeLeon

Marita DeLeon is a self-identified fat filipina queer femme who incites laughter with autobiographical sound bites and spontaneous banter with the audience. Rubbing faces and waxing buttholes for a living, Marita has a great reverence for the body and all its glory. She has performed her charmingly direct brand of comedy at Intersect Fest, Out & In, and Queers: We’re Hilarious. Additionally, Marita co-produces and hosts a monthly QTPOC-centered comedy & variety show, Fist & Shout, with Elicia Sanchez.

Elicia Sanchez

Elicia Sanchez
A Seattle-based comedian, writer and comic book reader, Elicia Sanchez has been performing all over the country since 2010. Their conversationally cynical, yet upbeat comedic style weaves together a unique mix of embarrassing personal stories, nerdy obsessions, social politics and possible overshares, making light of their own instances of social incompetence while also skewering oppressive social norms. They have been called “fearless” by City Arts Magazine, “a grumpy nugget of delight,” by writer/activist Lindy West, “a local favorite,” by Seattle alt weekly The Stranger and “a brilliant new voice everyone should know,” by comedian Hari Kondabolu. Grammy Award winning singer/song-writer Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches, Juno) has cited Sanchez as her ‘favorite underground Northwest comedian’ while W. Kamau Bell, comedian and host of CNN’s United Shades of America, once said, “Elicia Sanchez is the truth.”

Aila Slisco

Aila Slisco is an exciting up-and-coming stand up comic who has been delighting audiences in Seattle and beyond for well over two weeks. Originally from Alaska, she lived in the Seattle area for many years before wandering around the country for the better part of a decade, returning to the area in 2015 with a huge chip on her shoulder. Her comedy is often dark, sometimes intelligent, and always stupid. She dreams of living hundreds of years, for the sole purpose of one day being able to claim she has done stand up comedy longer than anyone else.

Bhama Roget


Bhama Roget is an Actor, Improviser, Comedian, and sometimes TV and Web personality. As a standup comedian and improviser, she has performed at the Hollywood Improv, Mbar, Largo, and El Cid in Los Angeles, and is a 15 year member of celebrated Bainbridge Island Improv group ‘The Edge.’ She has also performed in various plays around town, among them Stick Fly at Intiman, Mr. Burns at ACT, Boeing-Boeing, God of Carnage, The Constant Wife, Restoration Comedy, and Noises Off at the Seattle Rep, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Re-Bar. She has been seen on Television in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and TNT’s Leverage, and on the hit web shows ‘Cookus Interruptus’ and ‘Wrecked’, for which she won the 2013 Indie Series Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, and produces her own online comedy series, The Bhama Show. You can find her on Twitter at @thebhamashow or Facebook at

Past Panelists



Dach’Yan stumbled onto the scene in 2014, when she won first place in a karaoke competition at the Star Trek convention at the Ramada. Not one to ignore a sign, she threw herself into performing wherever anyone would let her. Sometimes when they wouldn’t let her. When she’s not confusing audiences, she lives in Leschi with her very supportive Grandmother and 3 cats

The Red Sun


Fred McFeely Rogers

Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003) was an American television personality, famous for creating, hosting, and composing the theme music for the educational preschool television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (1968–2001), which featured his kindhearted, gentle, soft-spoken personality and directness to his audiences. He began his television career in 1951 composing music for NBC, and transitioned to children’s programming in 1954 at WQED in Pittsburgh, where he continued delighting people of all ages until his death in 2003. Here is very happy to be participating in QC tonight.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has dedicated his life to public service as an elected representative for decades before his recent Presidential run. He can be viewed further on CSPAN.
Dylan Cole was hoping to spend the next four to eight years coasting as a Presidential Impersonator. He is currently desperate for work. He can be followed @DylonCorp on all social media’s.

Monisa Brown

Monisa Brown

Don’t let Monisa Brown’’s perfectly contoured face fool you, she will take you on an absurd deadpan roller coaster. A local comedian and sketch comic writer, her off beat style of comedy will leave you slightly confused but sure to split your sides from laughter. Monisa is co-founder of the podcast Black&Sweet Radio. She also co-produces the Comedy Nest, a female focused stand up comedy open mic. Monisa produces, writes, and performs for the sketch comedy group Queerz: We’re Hilarious which has performed at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival.

Clara Pluton

Clara Pluton slings pizza slices by day and fumbles through comedy by night. She moved to Seattle to be reunited with her heartbroken friend and her heartbroken friend’s polydactyl cat. She can be seen frequenting your neighborhood grocery store buying sushi with her food stamps.

Mike Glissmeyer

I’ve lived in Seattle for the last nine years, there’s so many things to love about living here and I can’t see myself living anywhere else. I started taking improv classes six years ago and for the last few years I’ve been performing with friends and have gotten into a few long form shows.

Kevin O’Malley

Kevin O'Malley
Kevin originally hails from Connecticut, the land of nutmeggers, charter oaks, and high property taxes. An ultimate love of Washington’s multifaceted beauty led him to choose Seattle for grad school over Toronto (also, fuck snow). Since discovering a passion for improv theater through classes at Jet City, he has had the good fortune to perform with a couple indie groups, and most recently in his first long-form show with Unexpected Productions.

Kevin Bordi

Kevin Bordi
Kevin moved from northern CA to receive his BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. As an actor he has worked at Seattle Shakespeare Company, Book-It Repertory, Taproot Theater, Annex, Wooden O, Seattle Public Theater, Live Girls!, 14/48 The Worlds Quickest Theater festival, and The One Minute Play Festival at ACT. He recently started recording a podcast with a bunch of other jerks about movies. Catch him as the title character in Ubu Roi or Trump the King at The Schmee coming up soon.

Abraham Tadesse


Abraham Tadesse is a stand up comedian that’s had a brief voice on NPR and performed at Bumbershoot. He’s nice.

Genevieve Ferrari


At one point Genevieve Ferrari thought she would be an Air Force spy. Now she is a comedian and a sassy barista in an Italian deli, thus fulfilling two lifelong dreams. Her mom describes her comedy as “painful self-flagellation.” You can find Genevieve hamming it up at local open mics and comedy showcases, or on the D Line avoiding your eye contact.

Cole Hornaday

Sarah Skilling

Cole is a professional writer, marketer, graphic artist, prop maker and recovering actor. He’s also the writer, host and co-producer of The Panel Jumper; A web series devoted to comic book history and lore. Cole weekly shares the microphone with three other earnest and erudite geeks on The Perfect Bound Podcast where topics range from comics and film to even more comics. About once every six months you can find him hosting and curating The Panel Jumper **LIVE** a comic themed cabaret event at West of Lenin. Learn more at

Jennifer Parker


Jennifer Parker has been kicking around the Seattle comedy scene for….a long time. You may have seen her (but probably not) in previous incarnations of Questionable Content, Spin the Bottle, 60 Second Max, Match Game ReBar, and most recently in Totally Solid Gold at The Pocket Theater and the sequel Totally Solid Gold: Where Are They Now? at this years Seattle Fringe Festival which left audiences commenting “I’m scarred for life” and “I feel like I should call social services!” So….mission accomplished! If you’d like to be scarred for life by Jennifer and her cohorts, come to their next endeavor, a Totally Solid Gold themed camp horror musical yet to be named…and yet to be booked.

Molly Tellers


By day Molly works at a local chocolate factory and eats everything. By night she is 1/3 of the sketch comedy group Day Job, with whom she’s headlined Seattle Sketchfest 2 years in a row. Some of Day Job’s favorite shows have happened at the Pocket Theatre, Annex, The Rendezvous, and the Comedy Underground. Locally, Molly has appeared onstage with Copious Love, taught with Seattle Children’s Theatre, and worked extensively with Ghostlight Theatricals.

Dave Clapper


Dave Clapper has been called the Kevin Bacon of Seattle Improv, which sounds great, but really just means he’s a filthy, filthy whore who will perform with anyone, anywhere, anytime. In recent years, he’s also infected stages in Austin, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Portland, and Olympia (and a much longer time ago in Chicago and Edinburgh). When he’s not making shit up on the fly, he occasionally does scripted work, too, currently in “Eat Cake” at Annex, and prior to that here at The Schmee in “The Twilight Zone,” and in a number of 14/48s all over town. He also previously roped other people into making shit up here at The Schmee in “Script Tease,” which he co-produced. He’s not a young man anymore, and should probably slow the fuck down.

Ryan Casey


Ryan Casey is a comedic performer and writer in Seattle. He is writer and co-creator of RadioLARP the hilarious live local radio-play podcast featuring genre-comedy storytelling and sound effects cobbling at its finest. He is a co-producer of Town Hall the strange hybrid panel call-in show from the creators of Tiny Baby Talk Show on which he was a regular guest performer. He also performs sketch sometimes with the group Toxic Shock, and is a frequent guest on podcasts such as Sci-Fi On Trial with Jesse Mercury. He performs stand-up almost anywhere that’s not too far away, and is known to be good friends with Seattle local celebrity liar Vampire Jim Morrison.

Claire Webber


Claire Webber has performed at Bumbershoot and is a co-producer of Fall Risk Comedy Collective. Her comedy has been described as “NPR airing Craigslist hook-up horror stories.” Originally from Seattle, she burst into the standup comedy scene in a whirlwind of spite when a spoken word poetry workshop told her she was not taking it seriously. They were probably right.

Molly Tollefson


Molly Tollefson has been a cast member of Jet City Improv since spring of 2015. You may have seen her in Jet City Presents shows such as “Good Morning Campers!,” “Black Flag” and “ZombieTown” as a zombie! Molly was last seen on the set of the Seattle feature film, “Wallflower.”

Ian Schempp


Ian has been a part of Jet City Improv since 2004. Since joining, he has been seen in many shows, such as Jet City’s flagship show, Twisted Flicks, Election Show, Quiz Show, Suave, and Funbucket. He is also the creator/director of the hit shows Shades of Gray, This Improvised Life, Funbucket, Unspeakable Horrors, and Explorer’s Club. Outside of Jet City Improv, Ian can be seen as part of The Gloomwhisper Entrancement and Phil and Ian’s 20-minute Radio Hour. He has two wonderful children and an amazing wife, to whom everything he does, including this, is devoted.

Jessica Stepka


Jessica Stepka is pleased to get to play with the QC crew, as they are some of the smartest and funniest people she knows. She thinks she’s pretty witty too, but is ready to put it to the test. Recently she has been working with a new group, DangerSwitch, producing clown work for the masses. Look for her this fall in “Big Bad” a feminist deconstruction of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood as told by clowns.

Lacy Katherine Campbell


Lacy Katherine Campbell is a new arrival to Seattle who does not work for a giant software company. She’s a performer, director, designer and writer and did a lot of all of those in Chicago, before frostbite and political corruption threatened to destroy what was left of her soul. Lacy is the head of tabletop spectacle company Hearts and Brains.Lacy is a brand new member of Dangerswitch, where she recently helped to design, write, and perform in Big Bad, winner of the 2016 Battle of the Bards. In Chicago she performed at the Neo-Futurist theater, Chicago Shakespeare, Steppenwolf Garage, and a bunch of other places. On-camera credits include various perpetrators, victims, and medical professionals in Man of Steel, Chicago Fire, The Chicago Code, and Boss.

Joshua Chambers

Joshua Chambers

Joshua Chambers is a Standup comedian, Improviser, and half of the critically acclaimed comedy duo “The Ballard Boyz.” He produces shows all over Seattle, including “The Magic Hat” every Monday, and “The Ballard Boyz Present: Variety Hour!” every third Sunday of the month. Joshua lives in Seattle with his cat (Malcolm Jamal Warner the Cat) and dog (Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Dog), who he loves very much.

Pilar O’Connell

Pilar OConnell

Pilar is a performer originally from Santa Fe, NM. She moved to Seattle in 2009 to attend Cornish College of the Arts, where she received her BFA. In Seattle, she has worked with Seattle Public Theater, Forward Flux, Live Girls!, Theater Schmeater, Annex, The 14/48 Projects, Playing In Progress, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Wooden O, Parley, and Soikowski research|performance. See Pilar next in ‘Luna Gale’ at Seattle Repertory Theatre in March.

Tim Mattonen


In the daytime Tim slings mail for residents in Mercer Island, but at night, he sometimes does comedy. Tim is also part of The Ballard Boyz. A Seattle based sketch group that is currently taking the world by storm. NO BIG DEAL. But seriously, it’s a big deal.

Caitie Auld

Caitie Auld

Caitie Auld is so excited to be a panelist on Questionable Content where she will most likely do lots of scream shouting and have clammy hands the whole time. You may have seen her performing around town with her sketch comedy group Day Job where they were last seen headlining at The Annex Theatre for SketchFest Seattle. She has acted in productions all across Seattle at venues such as The Rendezvous, The Ballard Underground, The Comedy Underground, and even the food court of the Seattle Center where it smelled like cinnabons the whole time. Huge thanks to Kara and Molly for making up the rest of Day Job and being her sisters from another mister and to Geoff for all of the laughter and support. LETS DO THIS.

Jose Amador

Jose Amador

Jose Amador is a local playwright/director/actor who has been actively involved in the Seattle Theater scene for the last two decades. As a playwright, he has written two solo plays, A Walk in the Dark and El Hijo Prodigo, along with numerous full-length, short plays and sketches featured at 14/48 by Disgruntled Bit Players, Death/Sec, Greetings from Styx, among others. As a director, his most recent productions include The Lower Depths (Asst. Dir.) with Theater Machine, 14/48, Duels at Northwest new Works, Black Like Us at Annex Theatre and Katrina: I too am Worthy at Langston Hughes Art Center.

TL DeVaney

TL DeVaney

TL DeVaney was born in Alaska and grew up in a Commonwealth of The Republic of Appalachia, otherwise known as Central Washington. TL is a comedian, storyteller, playlist maker extraordinaire/event DJ, and popular culture expert who regularly performs at the Comedy Womb shows, Tuesday evenings at The Rendezvous in Belltown.

Travis Vogt


Travis Vogt is a writer, filmmaker, actor and comedian whose various different kinds of output have been seen in or at Bumbershoot, Sasquatch, The Vancouver Comedy Fest, Salon, The Dissolve, Film Threat, City Arts and PBS. He is of average height and intelligence.

Natalie Holt


Natalie Holt tells jokes around town. She co-produces two weekly shows, The Comedy Womb and Naked Brunch. Check them out.

Graham Tordoff

Graham Tordoff

Graham Tordoff is a freelance comedian, kite enthusiast and wizard. He is learning to juggle. He has lived in Seattle for five years on account of being banished from Alaska due to a perfectly innocent misunderstanding with the Duchess. If given genie wishes he would ask for a bridge across the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska, the ability to breathe underwater, and reality altering powers commensurate to the genie’s own but without subsequent enslavement or entrapment.

Sally Jordan


Sally Jordan is a Washington D.C. born and bred, Las Vegas puberty-ized transplant to Seattle. In addition to studying paleoanthropology, she has been doing stand-up comedy for a year, and recently performed at Derek Sheen’s Laugh! Riot! and The Real Nerds of Comedy. A failed figure skater, her non-comedy skills include couponing and carrying DPS as a shadow priest.

Kate Jager


Kate Jaeger is active in the Seattle theatre community as an actor, director, educator and improviser. Favorite roles include Audrey in As You Like It with Wooden O, Darzee in The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi at Seattle Children’s Theatre, Karen in August: Osage County with Balagan Theatre, Annie in Evil Dead: the Musical at ArtsWest and Madame Thénardier in Les Misérables at Village Theatre (for which she won a Gregory Award.) Kate has been a member of Jet City Improv since 2004.

Travis Nelson


It’s not often the world spits out a 6’9” softcore misanthrope with a heart of gold; in fact, Travis Nelson may be one of a kind in that regard. You can find him dwelling in comedy clubs, casinos and pubs, in all of his mythical rarity. Travis was blessed and cursed with a unique and towering point of view from which he spews his sense of humor. Yo-yoing between cynically sarcastic and uncommonly genuine, Travis delivers comedy that averages out to be pretty darn delightful.

Maddie Downs

Maddie Downes

Maddie Downes was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She attended the University of Oregon where she triple majored in Bicycling in Birkenstocks, Theater Arts and Causing a Ruckus. She is the co-creator and co-star of the upcoming web series Northern Belles and co-produces the Couth Buzzard Comedy Show every Thursday in Greenwood. Look for her at Punchline Comedy’s Comedy on Trial this August, the Macefield Music Festival Comedy Stage, and at Bumbershoot in the Tiny Baby Talk Show. She loves you very much.

Devin Foreal


Devin Foreal is the sound of child’s first laughter, he is the feeling of the wind in your hair, he is the sunset and the sunrise, the ocean and the shore. He has always been with you and always will be. Also, he was in Bumbershoot and the Washington Comedy Festival.

Albert Kirchner

Albert Kirchner

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Albert Kirchner is adopted and is dealing with it. After moving to Seattle, Albert quickly found a passion for performing stand up. Favoring a rant based delivery, he is able to find something morbidly silly in almost any topic. Albert has a history of performing at festivals and can be found bars and clubs throughout Seattle. He loves you and wishes you and yours a wonderful life.

Alison Luhrs


Alison Luhrs is an actor, playwright, improviser and professional Wizard. Recent credits include Strangers (Mirum Mirum Productions), Vicious and Vulgar (Mirum Mirum Productions) The Modern Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Jet City Improv) and the serial podcast Mermaid in Manhattan. Alison is a cast member at Jet City Improv and a producer of the College Improv Tournament.

Christan Leonard

Christan Lonard

Christan Leonard is a stand up, sketch and improv comic from Seattle, WA. She has performed at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, the Redwood Comedy Festival and the Midnight Parade at the Second City in Chicago. She is a member of the improv group Dance Buffet and a co-producer of the Comedy Womb, a female-focused open mic and showcase in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. You can catch her at the 2015 Seattle Sketch Fest and in the forthcoming web series Northern Belles.

Derek Sheen

Derek Sheen

Derek Sheen is a cuddly mess of insecurities and is quickly becoming a favorite among comedy nerds all over the globe! He’s been a featured performer at the Cape Fear and S.F. Sketchfest Comedy Festivals, has toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofolo and Rory Scovel! His debut album “Holy Drivel” was recorded by iconic metal producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, Isis) and his second album, “Tiny Idiot” releases this fall on Stand Up! Records.

PASTE Magazine: “Derek Sheen has the uncanny ability to take mundane events and turn them into over-the-top comedy.”
“Dylan Gadino at Laughspin Magazine: “Equal parts-playful-and-absurd approach to self-deprecating comedy.”
Daniel Berkowitz of “When Sheen’s at his best, he’s firing everything off with nuanced diction and rhythmical precision. He develops a Carlin-esque pace to his speech that only serves to amplify the already-high level of laughs.”

Jennifer Cargill


Jennifer has been a professional Improvisor for 18 years. She has performed & trained with ComedySportz Austin, iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater & The Second City Conservatory of Chicago. Currently, she performs with her husband Erin in the duo Carskee. She is also a cast member in Jet City’s Twisted Flicks.

Wilfred Padua


Wilfred Padua is a comedian from Seattle who has an MFA in Writing from some school in Chicago. He has performed at Bumbershoot, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, the Boring Time Comedy Festival, and Summer Meltdown Music Festival. He’s usually an idiot.

Mandy Price


Mandy Price is a Jet City Improv cast member and has appeared in many full-length improvised plays, including Lovetanic, Goin’ Steady: The Musical, Austen Translation and Upside Downton at JCI and The Pretty Wonderful Club at Unexpected Productions. She also keeps one foot in the world of scripted theatre, playing The Storyteller in ArtsWest’s production of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, Kimmi in The Underneath at Annex Theatre and various roles in Wagner Sketches with the Seattle Opera. Mandy is a transplant from Chicago where she performed with The Second City, iO, The Annoyance and Laugh Out Loud Theatre. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she holds a BA in Theatre from Belmont University and fights against her accent every day.

Erin Plischke

Erin Plischke

Erin Plischke has been performing improv for over 18 years. He has performed and trained in Chicago with IO, the Second City Conservatory and the Annoyance theater. He is also an alumni of ComedySportz Austin. He has been performing in the duo show Carskee with his wife Jennifer since 2010. If this looks very similar to Jennifer’s bio that’s because he has performed with her his entire career! Erin is also a part of Chicago’s very own Pimprov and has been with Twisted Flicks and it’s amazing ensemble for 5 years.

Matt Eriksen

Matt Eriksen

Matt Eriksen is a standup comic based in Seattle. He hails from an affluent suburb in Oregon, where he quickly distinguished himself as the least successful person from his graduating class. His comedy has been described as “manic self-deprecation with the odd flight of fancy.” Unfortunately, as he is rather dumb, he does not fully understand what that means. Matt is a regular at Comedy Underground and produces a monthly showcase at the Benbow Room in West Seattle. Matt is a husband and father of three girls. He currently has 105 Twitter followers.

Andre Pegeron

Much like a clown with a balloon animal, Andre will joyfully twist up your view of society and hand it back to you. Unlike a clown with a balloon animal, he’s actually funny, and it shows. As a standup comedian who seamlessly weaves together sharp punchlines and apt social commentary, Andre has been described by Punchline Comedy Shows as “far and away one of the most interesting and hilarious local funny people in Seattle.” Clever, absurd, and relentlessly funny, Andre has taken his comedy to Bumbershoot, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and the Idaho Laugh Fest.

Alex Zerbe

Alex Zerbe

With the energy of 1,000 suns, Alex Zerbe moves like a rubber band from one end of the stage to the other. Beatboxing, juggling, dancing, singing, music and magic are just a few of the things that led Piers Morgan of America’s Got Talent to call this physical comedian, “The total package.” The “Professional Zaniac,” whoʼs been cracking jokes onstage for almost 17 years, zigzags between physical stunts and non-stop comedy. During the show vegetables are sliced in half by flying playing cards, flaming torches and bowling balls are juggled with ease and every audience volunteer leaves the stage in triumph.Formerly of the award-winning duo Brothers from Different Mothers, Zerbe is a Hacky Sack World Champion, was voted The Pacific Northwest’s Funniest Prop Comic and is a two-time Guinness World Record holder. Heʼs performed everywhere from cruise ships and comedy clubs to prime-time television in three countries, including “Americaʼs Got Talent!” and “Last Comic Standing. Visit to see Alex in action.

Daniel O’Connell


Daniel is a Seattle based comedian who, at just 23, has performed at clubs and venues up and down the west coast. In addition to hosting and featuring throughout the Pacific Northwest, Daniel is part of Seattle’s “Punchline Comedy Shows” production team. He was a co creator of, and continues to write for and perform on “The Tiny Baby Talk Show”, a monthly Live Sitcom and webseries. He has hosted at numerous clubs, including Tacoma Comedy Club, Seattle’s Comedy Underground, and the Sacramento Comedy Spot. He was also recently in The Washington Comedy Festival as well as Bumbershoot.

Sean Riccio


Sean Riccio began doing comedy at 19 in his college’s student union with a “borrowed” amp and mic (he had every intention of returning them someday), and was roundly booed/chased off by security. He has never stopped since. Full of energy and excitement, Sean waxes poetic about phone sex and makes dirty jokes about philosophy. Sean has performed all over the United States and currently lives in that most emerald of cities, Seattle.

Meredith Flanders


Meredith Flanders, a transplant from Southern California, never really enjoyed the sunshine and preferred to spend her summers growing up indoors watching I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, and Mad TV reruns while everyone else learned how to tan. After moving to the Emerald City, she found her niche in stand up comedy and immediately made it a part of her regular routine.

Jon Axell

Jon Axell

Jon Axell has been an ensemble member at Jet City Improv for ten years. In that time he has created and directed three shows (including JCI’s current production, Claim of Thrones), taught sessions of Improv 101 and Improv 102 in the Jet City Improv Academy, and appeared in over a dozen feature-length shows including Upside Downton, Election Show and Funbucket. Outside of JCI he can be seen as the newest member of Seattle’s improvised horror movie troupe, Blood Squad, and can be seen in the audience at 14/48 every now and then. He lives in Ballard with his fiancée, Molly.

Jeremy Brown


Jeremy has been doing Improv since the fall of 2003 as a member and co-producer of On The Spot at Northern Michigan University. He moved to Seattle in 2007 and started work with Jet City Improv. Since then he has appeared in 15 long for shows, hundreds of Jet City Improv’s flag ship show as well as twisted flicks. He has also been a stage manager and the director of “Wise Guys.” He’d like to thank you all for coming to Questionable Content as well as his lovely fiancé Jessica Boling for her support even if it goes days without seeing each other!

Kevin Clarke


Kevin Clarke is one half of the decade spanning sketch comedy duo, Kevin and Travis, or ClarketheVogt Productions, or about ten other names (they’re not very good at branding). He’s generally considered a person, but has been mistaken for a bipedal ferret before. In addition to sketch comedy, he has co-written and directed hundreds of short videos and two features, “Hamburger Dad”, and “Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D.” as well as the six-episode action-adventure comedy series “Adventure Buddies.” His comic strip “It’s Bees!” can be found at Every first Sunday of the month, he performs (with Travis) at Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery. In his off-time he can be found re-watching “Howard the Duck,” and attempting to attain true spiritual transcendence.

Jennifer Burdette

Jennifer Burdette

Jennifer is a writer, actor and comedian who has been on Joe TV, Funny or Die, Comedy Central and the 2014 Bumbershoot lineup. She is a co-producer and performer in Seattle’s only all female monthly comedy show, Wine Shots. When she is not making people laugh, she can be found covered in dirt, scrambling up the side of a mountain somewhere.

Brett Hamil

Brett Hamil

Brett Hamil is a standup comic based in Seattle who performs all over the U.S. and Canada. He writes a humor column for City Arts Magazine along with cartoons, essays and interviews. His videos have been featured on websites like Upworthy and the Stranger, receiving hundreds of thousands of views. He lives atop Beacon Hill with his wife, Diana, and two dogs, Wheezy and Merle.

Monica Nevi

Monica Nevi

Monica Nevi is a native of the Seattle area, having grown up about 20 minutes south in the glory that is Renton, WA. The product of a wonderfully humorous family and diverse background, she went on to earn a degree from Seattle University and has lived in the city since going to school. A collegiate basketball player, after injuries ended her career she decided to move forward with her strong interest in stand-up comedy. After staring and performing for the duration of her time in college and beyond, Monica has had the privilege of performing in the Brigetown Comedy Festival, Olympic Peninsula Comedy Competition in 2013. She has opened for the likes of Chris Katan, Erik Griffin and Sarah Colonna. Monica is also the co-host of the popular podcast The Hug Life Podcast. She can be seen performing around the country!

Korby Sears

Korby Sears

Korby Sears is a composer, game designer, animator and general hustler. Korby is the recipient of a Stranger Genious Award, a Seattle Weekly Music Award, and a Seattle Magazine Best of the Year Award. He is the creator of Iron Composer, The Pop Smear Test, Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke, and The Subpoenaed Lemur Vocoder Orchestra.

Adam Touchet

Adam Touchet

Adam Touchet is a failed radio show host from Louisiana who moved to Seattle to be a stand-up comedian.

Jana Hutchison

Jana Hutchison

Jana Hutchison is a proud ensemble member of Unexpected Productions in Pike’s Place Market, home of the longest running comedy show in Seattle. She also assistant produces and co-hosts Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery the first Sunday of every month. Actually, she only co-hosts every other month because Emmett likes variety in his co-hosts, however, she moves microphones every month but that’s hard to easily communicate in a short bio. She’s also a makeup artist specializing in HD makeup and special effects. Off stage, she’s an audiologist that falls down a lot.

Emmett Montgomery

Emmett Montgomery

Emmett Montgomery is a storyteller/comedian who has opened for famouses like Dave Chappelle and gets invited to do neat things like the Sasquatch Music Festival this spring. He is the host and curator of the monthly variety show Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery and the weekly friendship machine The Magic Hat. He tells jokes from his heart, usually his heart is full of hope but sometimes it is full of spiders.

Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez has participated in Short Films Such as “Random” a suspense drama, and the religious satire $ell your Savior which was featured in the 2008 48 hour film fest. For the past few years Josh has been dabbling in stand-up comedy, and since 2009 has been part of the sketch/improv comedy troupe “Turbo Turkey” which has performed in various places in downtown Seattle as well as the Burien Actors Theater.

Kristy Brannon

Kristy Brannon

Kristy Brannon has been a member of the sketch comedy group Now With Dames for about one year. She has performed in Seattle with them regularly, including a performance at this year’s Bumbershoot festival and as a headliner at the Seattle Sketchfest.

Cliff McCloe

Cliff McCloe

Cliff McCloe is an improviser who has no problem dropping the names of the semi-famous people he has performed with. So let’s get started: Fred Armisen, David Cross, H. John Benjamin, The Shins, Dean Haglund, Jello Biafra, and Wayne Brady. He can also sing the words of the Brady Bunch theme song to any tune he knows, so there’s that.

Anita Goodman


Miss Anita Goodman is the brainchild of Timothy Thomas, producer, writer, actor, and professional female impersonator who started with a backstory about a girl that “arrived in Seattle with a suitcase and an introduction letter,” and went on to discover that the world was waiting for a girl just like Anita to show up. Miss Anita has hosted for been a featured guest in many comedy and burlesque shows in the Seattle area including Match Game Belltown, LaffHole, The Comedy Underground, Get Loweded, Bacon Strip and an extended run hosting The Bedroom Club burlesque show.

Jeffrey Robert


Jeffrey Robert, the Lane Bryant of Comedy, is Seattle’s only bald, white-bearded, fat, middle-aged Gay Bear grandfather comic–or at least the only one who is open about it. Jeffrey started performing comedy in the last stage of his midlife crisis. It has given him a chance to perform comedy clubs, Ethiopian restaurants, garages, opening for nude performing artists, drag Tupperware parties, Burlesque shows and dive bars–all while feeling fortunate and thrilled at entering this unexpected chapter in life. His show Gay Uncle Time (part storytelling, part comedy showcase, part history lesson) is held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Grotto of the Rendezvous in Belltown.

John Munchak (Former Scorekeeper/Booker/Writer)


John Munchak is a comedian and writer who frequents open mics around Seattle. Serene, surprising, and sexy. Follow him on Twitter: @JohnMComedy


Miranda Holtmann (Creator/Producer)

Miranda was brought up in the theatre and has been with Theater Schmeater since 2007. She holds a Master’s degree in Creative & Life Writing from Goldsmiths College, University of London. This has, thus far, not led her to write the great American novel but has given her an insatiable desire to share her dorky obsession with British panel shows with her native Seattle. She’s pleased to have found such like-minded souls in her city and is so grateful for everyone who has turned QC into a reality and helped it grow.

Martin Stillion (Writer)

Martin Stillion is an editor, writer, musician, composer, and coin-operated content provider who has caused trouble of various kinds for theatres (AHA!, Taproot, Greenwood Studio, Driftwood Players, Next Step, Historic Everett), orchestras (Seattle Mandolin Orchestra, Thalia Symphony) and other performing groups that forgot to lock the door. He has written for the stage before, but is gratified to know that this time the stage has people on it.

Michael Crowley (Writer)

Michael Crowley studied improvisational acting with Gary Austin and comedy writing with Bill Stainton. A veteran of medieval fairs, a sketch comedy troupe known as True Edge Theater, and the short film anthology series “Hobo With a Trashcan,” Michael is also a student of the bass guitar and martial arts, and has been – at various times – a swordsman, writer, musician, singer, actor, and voice artist. Michael calls Missoula, Montana home but has lived in Seattle long enough to have become a surprisingly sophisticated country boy.