In the spirit of popular British Panel shows Questionable Content is Seattle’s own live comedy panel show wherein two teams of panelists compete in a battle of wits. Questionable Content features 6 games which commonly pull from pop culture, local news stories, the experience of the panelists and audience participation. Pin the Tweet, Police Blotter, and Precious Things are just some of the games that keep the panel guessing and the audience laughing. While the panels compete for bragging rights, there is also opportunity for audience members to win fabulous prizes.

David Rollison presides as host as two teams of panelists compete for laughs and points on this topical, improvised quiz show. Ian Schulke serves as the score keeper. The panels are captained by Phill Arensberg and The Dangerously Peaceful Raymond Williams. Each month features a new panel of comedians, improvisers and performers.


May 16, 2017
Questionable Content as a show has been changing and evolving over the last year. With new directions and opportunities in mind, we will be separating from Theater Schmeater and become our own production entity. With all of these changes in the air, we will be taking the next few months off to plan for the future.
Look for the return of our show in the fall, and thank you to both Schmee and our audience for the years of support.
Stay Questionable,
The QC Team


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Production Team:

David Rollison – Writer
Martin Stillion – Writer
Doug Staley – Technical Assistant
Andy Holtmann – Research Assistant
Ben Levine – Sound Designer
Ryan Allred – Web Designer
Miranda Holtmann – Creator/Producer/Writer