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Questionable Content

Live at Theater Schmeater
Seattle's Own Panel Game Show

The hit comedy panel show that has put Seattle in stitches. Questionable Content brings a cavalcade of comedians, performers and artists to compete in an uproarious battle of wit, deception and knowledge of off-beat pop culture and news. There’s no knowing where the panel’s banter will go and it’s the audience who has the chance to win fabulous prizes.

  • Comedy
  • Deception
  • News & Pop Culture
  • Prizes


David Rolison
Sarah Skilling
Team Captain
Phill Arensberg
Team Captain
Ian Schuelke
Raymond Williams
Team Captain

Coming up...

Friday, April 7th & Saturday, April 8th 8:00 p.m. @ The Schmee
Evelyn Jensen
Kesan Nathaniel
Alyssa Yeoman
David Schmader


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